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More Live Photos
Additional live photos taken from Auf der Maur's 2004 shows.

Toronto, CA [click here]
September 2004
Photos taken from Auf der Maur's August 2004 show @ The Horseshoe Tavern.

Atlanta, GA [click here]
September 2004
Photos taken from Auf der Maur's September 21st show @ Cotton Club.

Halifax, Nova Scotia [click here]
Winter 2004
Photos taken from Auf der Maur's show @ The Marquee.

Miscellaneous 2004 [click here]
Winter 2004
Photos taken from the tail end of Auf der Maur's 2004 Tour.

Bologna, Italy [click here]
November 12th, 2004
Photos taken from Auf der Maur's Bologna, Italy performance at the Independent Day Festival.

Firenze, Italy [click here]
November 12th, 2004
Photos taken from Auf der Maur's Firenze, Italy performance for MTV Live.

Canadian Tour [click here]
November 11th, 2004
These are some windows into the end of our Von Bondies and into our Canadian tour.

Solszar, The Skin Receiver Horse! [click here]
Oct 28th, 2004

This is Solszar. He is the gorgeous stallion who graces my album, on the song "Skin Receiver". Martin, who engineered my album is part time rock maker, part time horse maker!!!! Solszar is one of his leading studs in his breeding world of the finest beast of all, the horse! I Love Solszar

Auf der Maur/Von Bondies Tour [click here]
Jacksonville, Florida. Sept 24th, 2004
Tour update! Photos and Fun!

We have been on tour with the sweethearts from Detroit for a week now. The Von Bondies are really fun and nice, "C'mom C'mon" is a great song, it makes me happy!

We also have Columbus, Ohio boys the Sun on tour with us. We started in the Midwest and have traveled south, some how avoiding hurricanes and bad weather all the while (lightning is my girl, that's right, but she comes to visit me in my dreams instead!) still summer out here on tour! Today is our last date in Florida and we begin to head up to the northeast. We hope to see you there!


Here we go stories from the road...

Off Tour [click here]
Hey! When we are off tour we hang out at practice. Sometimes Kim solders wires and Steve and I wear red shirts.

A Perfect Circle Tour, 2004 [click here]
The first official Auf der Maur tour we did was opening up for A Perfect Circle in Europe. It was a great way to begin the live cycle of this music. The combination of their brand of progressive drama music with their silly Benny Hill style humor made for a fun tour! Thank you for having us APC, here is a small window into that tour.

Tour Times [click here]
Between shows we do things like:
  • Meet nice people
  • Participate in photo shoots, tv and radio shows
  • Hang out with large paintings and photographs
  • Wear masks
  • Photograph our touring delirium
  • Dance
  • Befriend creepy trees

Travel [click here]
Between shows, and then the between show time, there is travel time! I personally love travel time; Planes, trains, busses, bridges, boats, walking...These are all ways we get from place to place. Travel time is really the only rest time, a no time zone zone, where you patiently wait to get to your next destination. Time to reflect, have tea, converse with the sky or ocean and bond with bunnies, dogs and flight attendants. Thank you sweet travel time, I would be nowhere without you.

Videos [click here]
The visual representation of the recorded version of the song idea in my head. The making of them can seem silly with the lip sinking and all, but none the less fun. We have made 3 videos for this album thus far.